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Greetings dear DA'ers,
                      Definition: It's a infection of affection of the glands in your neck called ''lymphatic glands'', most of the time it is infectious.

:::Clinical::: *An adenopathy has 4 caracteristics: her height, consistance, dolorous aspect and her mobility.

Here is some examples: Infectious/Inflammatory, Sarcoïdosis, Hemoglobuline lymphoïdosis, Metastasis

Attitude: The investigation of an adenopathy (Cytoponction less or more Biopsy) is imposed when --->
1.Duration >3-4 weeks without decelable pathology in the respected place.
2. Augmentation of the volume of the glands.
3. Generalised Adenopathy.

Frequent Diagnosis or to evitate:
*All infections: Bacteriological, Viral, Parasitarian, Fongicus, Others
*Systemical diseases
*Allergic reactions
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